Important Notes on Spring 2021 Textbooks

Faculty members have indicated that some books for your courses are required, some optional, and some suggested. These decisions are at the faculty member's discretion, but generally required books are the central books for a course, and optional books are usually ancillary materials like study and solution manuals. Books that are required for a course are listed with an R on the line below the title, optional books have an O, and suggested items an S.

Rental books are available for some classes. Rentals books appear as a 'Choice' in the book listings. These books are required for your class. Choose to rent or buy.

Used books are the most popular with Colby students, and we are extremely aggressive about getting as many used copies as possible. Typically we have about 60% used books, and 40% new books and coursepacks each semester. There are some books we've found it makes sense to sell only new, e.g. consumable books like workbooks where students at many campuses are required to fill out, tear out, and turn in pages. Unlike some used book sellers, we won't sell you a book that is missing pages, is the wrong edition, or has been damaged by liquids. When the professor asks you to turn to page 27 to read an article, you'll be reading the right one.

Ebooks are often a less expensive option and more convenient as they can be used across multiple devices. Please note that if you do decide to purchase an ebook that some professors may still require a printed hard copy to use in class. If you are uncertain please check first.

Access Codes Some courses require access codes that allow you to complete assignments via an online portal. These cards are usually bundled with new textbooks but they may also be available as a separate purchase. In some instances it may be less expensive to buy the new bundle than to shop for a used textbook and purchase the access by itself. In either case if a professor requires online access you will need it to complete your coursework.

If we are sold out of a course material in the format you chose, we will substitute with the closest available option. Your cost may change based on this substitution. Your book is returnable through the end of the returns period.

Due to environmental and timing concerns, textbook orders are held for In Store or Curbside Pick Up. If you will be studying remotely, please let us know to arrange shipment. Please bring photo ID when you come to pick up your textbooks.

The last day to return textbooks for credit is Saturday, February, 20th with your receipt. You will need your receipt, and books must be in the same condition in which they were purchased. This means new books can not be written in, access codes must be unused, etc.

Selling Back Used Textbooks

Have textbooks you no longer need? We have partnered with a few of our textbook suppliers to create online buyback websites to give you the chance to make some money off of your unwanted course materials. The process is simple. Go to any or all of the links below and enter the ISBN of the book that you are trying to sell. Each vendor sets their own prices so it may be worthwhile to visit all of the links. Follow the condition guidelines to make sure that what you are selling is in acceptable shape. Then, if you would like to sell your book you can quickly create an account, print a label, send the book by mail, and receive a check! When things return to normal we hope to again host our in person buybacks on campus. Look for future announcements.

MBS Books

Texas Book Company

Nebraska Book Company

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